and I wanted to

I dreamt of her two nights in a row. The first night, I saw her leaving a train and our eyes met - I forgot to look away - and her smile melted all the tightness in my chest into warmth. She hugged me and sparkled so brightly that I thought I’d go blind - … Continue reading and I wanted to

Letter to a Golden Woman

It occurs to me that he must’ve treated you the same way he treated every other woman that unwittingly stumbled, mesmerized, and fell deep into those mischievous green eyes. The strong ones, since he loved to believe he could mold a strong woman into something of his own odd fantasy. And you were definitely strong. … Continue reading Letter to a Golden Woman

I Knew

I guess I knew once I woke up and my throat was cold and desert-dry from the determined draft seeping in from the cracked open window. I knew when the blankets were finally just warm enough, holding me captive in comfort, and not frantically cast off to alleviate the suddenly stifling straight-jacket feeling. I definitely … Continue reading I Knew

Out Late

i walk into the room, he's embracing the mic like a lover passionate, eyes closed, and then my heart races when he looks at me, boyish smile, fitted hat, is he singing to me from onstage? no, there's no way he sees me, but afterwards he walks right up to me envelops me in a … Continue reading Out Late


My next place, she muses, will have hardwood floors, shining in their newness. It will have high ceilings and many, many windows, so that the sun can beam through. Perhaps she'll have a cat, and her cat will nap in the pools of sunshine pouring into the apartment, heating those hardwood floors. She walks over … Continue reading Natalie

Mask: Part 1

It's become a cliche You know the type Self-centered, blonde, tan, fit, Throw in an accent and what do you get? The "jock," "douche," "insert judgmental stereotype" and how quickly we are to hide behind labels. I'm noticing, though, how hard you're trying every sentence you say is punctuated by a furtive glance to see … Continue reading Mask: Part 1