You may know me from real life, or from my Instagram or Twitter attempts at writing engagement, or simply because you are a stranger from the internet. Regardless, welcome! And thank you so much for reading.

I started this blog in 2012 to organize my thoughts and attempts at poetry. Since then, it has become a space for me to share my ideas, collaborate with amazing, creative souls, and just have the best time. I feel so lucky to have encountered so many of you and to have cultivated a writing family.

I hope you enjoy what you see, and please leave a comment if you so desire! I welcome any feedback, and I’d love to connect with you and read your own work. I cannot wait to continue to be inspired by all of you.

Much love,


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    You have a great Blog, I love the photography and very clear ‘About me’ summary…very nice. :-)
    Thanks again for ticking that ‘like’ button and more importantly for your contribution.
    For future reference…selectivelyrussian, is a little bit long…what may I call you?

    1. You may call me Esther, all my friends do! :) Thanks for taking the time to read (some of) my posts…I started the blog to organize my thoughts and such, and it’s so wonderful to see positive feedback.

  2. Hi Esther,
    You’re welcome…
    I hope I was of some help to you in my reply to your comment on my Blog. :-)
    I’ll be passing by here to see what you’re up to again soon.

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