Only Seconds

by Jean Henegan I’m not the type to believe in happily ever after or even the concept of true love. Possibly because I’ve never been in love myself, but that’s a topic for therapy rather than this collab. But, for one moment several years ago, I dropped my cynicism toward the concept of love and … Continue reading Only Seconds

All the Moments

by Sara Safyan So, I recently read an article about death. I’m not really all that scientific-y and can’t remember the phrasing of what fires in the brain when and why and whatnot, but, essentially, everyone who has had those near death experiences universally describes the same thing: an overwhelming feeling of peace and calm. … Continue reading All the Moments


by Shay Moyal She had straw-colored hair, a prominent nose, and some light adult acne. Her eyes were a greyish blue. Her teeth were nice enough, more or less white and more or less straight. Her name was the kind of name you'd forget at a dinner party. She was an accounting assistant at a … Continue reading She