My head is never where I expect it to be I let it do its own thing and hang on for the ride a white water rafting adventure, picture it now cool, calm water letting you lean back and forget where you are for the moment then the wind changes and you’re almost thrown off … Continue reading Up

A Monsoon for a Butterfly

Putting myself first was never meant to be a heartbreaking thing your blue eyes surrounded by red, trying to hold back the wave and it washed over me and I was devastated for you I wanted to kill whoever was hurting you whoever was making your face twist in pain I’d kill them, I swore … Continue reading A Monsoon for a Butterfly

A Reminder

I’m blessed I’m blessed I’m blessed I’m blessed - and here's why social media is awesome. In my little rut right now, bouts of sadness crushing my productivity and my chest This isn’t even sadness, it is anxiety about impending change and implemented change and about cutting my thick, long hair off about ending a … Continue reading A Reminder