Little Somethings

I want the autumn days that turn into autumn eveningsand I want us to skip straight over winter andright to spring,taking a brief detour into summer before popping back into autumn.I want slightly cold breezes so you can lend me your scarf,I want to protest that you’ll be cold and be silenced with a kiss, … Continue reading Little Somethings

and I wanted to

I dreamt of her two nights in a row. The first night, I saw her leaving a train and our eyes met - I forgot to look away - and her smile melted all the tightness in my chest into warmth. She hugged me and sparkled so brightly that I thought I’d go blind - … Continue reading and I wanted to


He told me that small spiders will jump from tree to tree, bush to bush, letting a delicate string carry them safely on the wind, leaving residue behind that we walk into in the mornings. I listened, absorbed, nodded and wondered where my own string would lead if I jumped away from him.