The Rose

By Sara Chana Brummel A flower is so beautiful. Yet there's always that twinge of dread at the inevitability of them wilting and dying away. That was the feeling I first had when I realized I was in love. I reveled in its beauty and dreaded its ultimate demise. One night, I sat crying when … Continue reading The Rose

Life’s a Play

I felt happy that day, and beautiful, truly beautiful. The right side of the bed followed me everywhere that morning; my teeth were extra sparkly and my eyes matched. I rejoiced in feeling not a single shred of anxiety, of guilt, of self-loathing. I was beautiful and intelligent and kind, the world smiled at me … Continue reading Life’s a Play


My head is never where I expect it to be I let it do its own thing and hang on for the ride a white water rafting adventure, picture it now cool, calm water letting you lean back and forget where you are for the moment then the wind changes and you’re almost thrown off … Continue reading Up