and I wanted to

I dreamt of her two nights in a row. The first night, I saw her leaving a train and our eyes met - I forgot to look away - and her smile melted all the tightness in my chest into warmth. She hugged me and sparkled so brightly that I thought I’d go blind - … Continue reading and I wanted to

For Better or Worse

by Melech Bialo I don't wanna talk about it. I don't wanna talk about how things can always be worse. Things can also be better. I don't wanna talk about being positive all the time, brushing aside the metaphorical strand of hair that may represent the challenges that are constantly in my face. I don't … Continue reading For Better or Worse


I have never felt the need for yoga for some Namaste some calculated, deep breathing for some peace and quiet intermixed with Spanish guitar or soulful reggae, more than in this moment. My mind cannot quiet, again. My heart won't slow, again. My eyes flash, throwing mini daggers, even the chatty ones avoid me my … Continue reading Namaste