Walking in the Woods

By Connor Kreger

Chuck had been walking in the woods for 15 minutes when he remembered why he hated walking in the woods. Not only was it hot even in the shade, but it was so humid that he could almost see steam rising from the ground as he waded along. He had tried to get out early to beat the heat, but all he’d accomplished by being the first to hike the trail was ensuring that it would be he who stumbled face first through every single spider web spun across the path the night before. He was trudging to the to the top of a steep incline when he suddenly froze. On the trail in front of him was a snake adorned with black, red, and yellow bands. The venomous Coral Snake, whose bite could be deadly. Or was it the look-alike, the harmless Corn Snake? There was a rhyme to help tell the difference, but he couldn’t remember it. After a few moments, the serpent slipped into the palmettos and was out of sight. Chuck let out a deep sigh. As he squatted and took a swig of water, he noticed the beauty of the forest for the first time.

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