Does That Make Sense?

i feel like there's a cloud of bees just swarming around my brain and not letting me form complete thoughts just jumping from one to the other, so i don't fall over - does that make sense? i feel like there's a storm cloud resting heavily on my head preventing my eyes from focusing, blinking, … Continue reading Does That Make Sense?

Streaked with Grey

sometimes i take a honey wheat twisted pretzel and pretend it's a cigarette and i'm hanging out of the window, wind buffeting my face, so when the tears run down my face i blame the chill. adjusting my mascara, reapplying eyeliner, till my eyes don't look like my own, and my laugh twinkles around the … Continue reading Streaked with Grey

The Year Mark

This transitional period of time, between apartments. Where you’re living out of a bag of clothing, all of your stuff packed away, curtains stripped from the windows, movers scheduled for Sunday. It feels like you’re living in a home that is no longer yours. You’re an illegal squatter. An odd, odd limbo. Why does moving … Continue reading The Year Mark