Look. Then Look Again.

Photo taken from Google Images [NOT the pond I'm referring to] I passed one of those man-made "lakes" today, you know, the ones that campuses sometimes stick into their landscaping projects in order to make themselves look more official. Cuz it's official if there's a pond. From a distance, it looked like one of these … Continue reading Look. Then Look Again.

Oh man, Anis. [A Tribute to Anis Mojgani]

Mr. Mojgani. Anis. Ah-neice. I cannot even begin to describe what sort of peace you give me. Just simply to know that there are writers and poets of your caliber in the world makes me breathe easier, makes me joyous to be living in a world that can harbor so much creation and magic. It … Continue reading Oh man, Anis. [A Tribute to Anis Mojgani]